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Welcome to FreeMyCollection.com! The whole premise of this site is to share my collection of antique guns and ammunition with the world. What fun is having a collection if others do not also get to enjoy it? Take a look around, read an article or two, view a few images and learn something new!

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Few new items
November 21, 2011

I updated the images of the 5mm Pinfire Cartridges and added a few more to give a good representative sampling of the size. I also added a new super-rare 8mm Paper Horizontal Pinfire Cartridge as well as a 7mm French Thick Rim Cartridge. There are also a couple new Pinfire Guns as well as a few new maces.

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New Miniature Cartridges
September 9, 2011

I added pictures of some new miniature cartridges

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