Antique Pinfire Guns

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2mm Pinfire Guns

2mm Pinfire Revolver. This is known as the Xythos. 2mm Xythos Pinfire Gun Little Atom 2mm Pinfire Pistol Little Atom 2mm Pinfire Rifle German MAUS 2mm Pinfire Gun

5mm Pinfire Guns

5mm Pinfire Revolver Belgian 5mm Pinfire Revolver

7mm Pinfire Guns

This is a double-action-only 7mm pinfire revolver made by Eugene Lefaucheux follows his patent from 07 June 1858.<br>On the barrel is inscribed 'DUMOULIN ARQer À ROUEN' 7mm pinfire revolver made by Eugene Lefaucheux in Paris, France for DUMOULIN, an arquebusier and gun retailer in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France. Belgian 7mm pinfire Pistol with 'THE YOUNG LION 1881 NEW PATTERN' engraved on barrel Belgian 7mm pinfire Pepperbox pistol French double barrel 7mm pinfire boxlock pistol 7mm Spanish Pepperbox Pinfire Pistol Belgian 7mm Pinfire Revolver 7mm Belgian Pinfire Gun with Pinfire Cartridges Spanish 7mm Pepperbox Pinfire Gun 7mm Pinfire Cartouchiere 7mm Pinfire Boxes and 7mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver

9mm Pinfire Guns

9mm Pinfire Pistol 9mm Pinfire Boxlock Pistol Delvigne Breech Loading Underhammer Pinfire Deringer Another View of the 9mm Delvigne Underhammer Deringer

12mm Pinfire Guns

French 12mm Pinfire Revolver. It is a Lefaucheux Model 1854 that was used in the American Civil War. Belgian 12mm Pinfire Revolver with a leather 'Cartouchiere' and assorted pinfire cartridge boxes. 12mm Belgian Pinfire Gun 12mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver Lefaucheux Model 1854 Pinfire Revolver Homemade 12mm Pinfire Pistol 12mm Lefaucheux Model 1854 converted to a Centerfire Revolver

15mm Pinfire Guns

French 15mm Pinfire Auxiliary Percussion Adapter and Pistol Manufactured by P. Boissy of Saint-Etienne, France 15mm French Pinfire Gun Double Barrel Pinfire Boxlock Pistol

Pinfire Long Guns and Others

20 gauge Single Barrel Pinfire Shotgun Pinfire Alarm Gun




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