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Gévelot’s First Pinfire Pistol Cartridge
January 20, 2014

Jules-Félix Gévelot was a close friend with Casimir Lefaucheux. He was given the original rights to make the earliest pinfire shotshells starting in the 1830’s. However in 1845, Jules Joseph Chaudun received a patent to make his pinfire pistol cartridges as shown … Continue reading

The Pinfire Page, Issue 4 – Russian Pinfires
January 19, 2014

This issue of my Pinfire Page[1] in the IAA Journal was slightly different from normal. Its focus was on some pinfire headstamps rather than the whole cartridge. These cartridges were made by Russian companies and excavated from the ground in the … Continue reading

The Pinfire Page, Issue 3
November 18, 2013

Another great issue of the IAA Journal came out recently with my third installment of The Pinfire Page[1] in it. This month I covered the Belgian cartridge manufacturer, V. Francotte, May et Cie. Read all about them on their manufacturer’s page. 1.   … Continue reading

The Pinfire Page, Issue 2
September 9, 2013

In this month’s column of The Pinfire Page[1] I talked about Chaudun, Chaudun & Derivière and Jullien et Gauthey Fréres. You can order the back issue on the IAA website. The documentation for the information provided in the journal article is … Continue reading

15mm Pinfire Auxiliary Percussion Adapter and Pistol
July 6, 2013

Here is a very unique gun that just arrived at my doorstep yesterday! At first glance it seems like any common 15mm double barrel pinfire boxlock pistol but it is quite different. First it is quite a bit larger and … Continue reading

Soldiers from the American Civil War
March 11, 2013

On my quest for all things related to the pinfire system I have been especially interested in the role Lefaucheux pinfire cartridges and guns played in the American Civil War. You can read about some of those articles here: Articles. Over … Continue reading

The First Pinfire Revolver Cartridge!
February 23, 2013

This is the very first pinfire revolver cartridge. It was manufactured by the gun maker, Jules Joseph Chaudun, in 1845 after he patented a new improvement to both Casimir Lefaucheux’s shot shell design and Jules Gévelot’s patent that simplified Casimir’s … Continue reading

Pinfire Guns & New Comment System!
January 14, 2013

Big update today! I added the capability to comment on every blog post, every pinfire cartridge or pinfire box, and every cartridge manufacturer! I will add the capability to the other cartridges soon. Look around and comment on your favorite cartridge, box or … Continue reading

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