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W. Tibbals Revolving Firearms Patent

One of the most famous American ammunition manufacturers was William Tibbals. William Tibbals was the partner in the company, Crittenden & Tibbals, who supplied mostof the rimfire ammunition during the American Civil War. Part of what made Crittenden & Tibbals … Continue reading

The First Cartridge; A History of Jean Samuel Pauly and His Inventions

As a pinfire (gun, cartridge, document, etc) collector I have always had an interest in telling the origin story of its invention. I recently had a post that showed some of the earliest pinfire guns and cartridges. But the story … Continue reading

Extremely High Grade 16g Pinfire Shotgun by Coirier à Clermont

The story of Coirier à Clermont is a interweaved tale of partnerships and encounters that begins in 1848. In 1848 a Frenchman named Francis Marquis founded a company that made carbines for cavalry. In French this is the term, harquebusier. … Continue reading

.58 Schubarth

I have finally acquired a .58 Schubarth! It is one of the more desirable American cartridges and seems to trade for insane prices. There are only around a dozen known to exist. It was patented and made in 1861 by … Continue reading

Explosive Pinfire Cartridges

Here are some pinfire cartridges with explosive bullets. The two on the right are definitively made using Eugene Pertuiset’s patented formula by SFM. The rest are also thought to be. In the late 1860s a Frenchman names Eugene Pertuiset developed … Continue reading