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Pinfire Guns & New Comment System!
January 14, 2013

Big update today! I added the capability to comment on every blog post, every pinfire cartridge or pinfire box, and every cartridge manufacturer! I will add the capability to the other cartridges soon. Look around and comment on your favorite cartridge, box or manufacturer!

Here are a couple pictures from my most recent cartridge & gun photoshoot! This is a preview of some of the type of pictures that will go in the redesigned pinfire guns section sometime in the future.

Belgian 12mm Pinfire RevolverThis is a Belgian 12mm pinfire revolver. It has the rifled barrel proof mark on the barrel and cylinder, so it is post 1894, and then ★ over T for the inspector’s mark.


French Model 1858 12mm Pinfire RevolverThis is a Lefaucheux model 1854 Pinfire Revolver. Its serial number was used in the American Civil War.


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15mm Pinfire Boxes
January 7, 2013

I added pictures of the five 15mm pinfire cartridge boxes I have. You can see the on the Pinfire Cartridge Boxes page. All of these and a lot of the other boxes have multiple views of the box if you click through to each box’s page. Check back soon for many more boxes I will be adding.

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Handful of New, Rare Cartridges Added!
December 26, 2012

I added a few new uncommon cartridges and manufacturers. There is one that is believed to have been made for the guards at or someone involved with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan, one by Constant Costard, one by Felix Warnier, another by Heinrich Utendoerffer, a very rare set by HËRD’S which is thought to be Turkish or Syrian. And finally one by J.L.A., ones by Julien et Gauthey Frères, and lastly one by P. Segura y Hermano.

Then last, but definitely not least, one of the rarest ones in my collection, a 7mm pinfire case excavated in Ukraine. It was manufactured in Moscow, Russia by Русская Патронная Фабрика.

Russian pinfire cartridge by Pусская Патронная Фабрика

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Kynoch & Co
December 10, 2012

I added many Kynoch & Co. pinfire variations on their manufacturer‘s page.

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Pinfire Boxes Galore!
October 25, 2012

I know this is a long time coming, but I have finally made a new boxes section. The boxes will now be tied in with each individual manufacturer just as the cartridges are. The Pinfire Boxes section has also been updated to give a better view of all the boxes. Just like adding all of the cartridges, this will be a long process as I have many boxes to add. I will make sure to keep you updated right here; on The Cartridge Freedom Act blog!

Here is a picture of some 5mm pinfire boxes. These have all been added and can be seen under their respective manufacturers as well as the pinfire boxes section.

5mm Pinfire Boxes

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Pinfire Shotshells loaded by American Companies
October 18, 2012

If you have ever looked around my site or read any my articles you have most likely noticed that I have a strong focus on the role pinfire cartridges played in the United States of America. Today I added some pinfire shotshells that were manufactured or loaded by US companies. First of all is C. D. Leet of Springfield, Massachusetts. They are the only company known to have manufactured pinfire shotshells in the United States. They made them in both 10 and 12 gauge, I have placed 2 variations of the 10 gauge version online. Next is Von Lengerke & Detmold of New York City, New York. They had Kynoch custom make a headstamp and cartridge for them and then and loaded the shells here. I have placed a loaded and new-primed empty 16 gauge variation online. Lastly I added a rare specimen by Alex L. Semple & Co. of Louisville, Kentucky. He was only in business for 10 years. In the next couple weeks I plan to add one loaded by UMC.

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New Italian Manufacturers
October 2, 2012

I updated a couple things today. First I added the option to display manufacturers by Country rather than just listing them by name. I also updated the Italian pinfire cartridges by updating the images for Giulio Fiocchi and Léon Beaux & C. as well as adding the new Italian pinfire cartridge manufacturers, Bernardo PiloniMartignoni Munizioni e Cartucce, and Ulisse Riva.

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September 25, 2012

Today I took pictures of all of my UMC pinfire cartridges and have placed them online. Check them out in the manufacturers section here. There are some pretty rare variations shown including copper cases, board dummy examples, and early non-headstamped variations.

I also created this new format to show updates. It is kind of like a mini-blog to keep you up-to-date with the site and new content.

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Sellier & Bellot
September 18, 2012

I finished adding new imagery to all of the Sellier & Bellot cartridges; 46 in total! I also added a short write up about the history of the company, especially as it relates to pinfire cartridges. Check them out here.

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New Boxes for Sale
June 10, 2012

I added 27 new pinfire boxes for sale in the For Sale section. Go Check them out!

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