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Pinfire Guns & New Comment System!

Posted on January 14th, 2013

Big update today! I added the capability to comment on every blog post, every pinfire cartridge or pinfire box, and every cartridge manufacturer! I will add the capability to the other cartridges soon. Look around and comment on your favorite cartridge, box or manufacturer!

Here are a couple pictures from my most recent cartridge & gun photoshoot! This is a preview of some of the type of pictures that will go in the redesigned pinfire guns section sometime in the future.

Belgian 12mm Pinfire RevolverThis is a Belgian 12mm pinfire revolver. It has the rifled barrel proof mark on the barrel and cylinder, so it is post 1894, and then ★ over T for the inspector’s mark.


French Model 1858 12mm Pinfire RevolverThis is a Lefaucheux model 1854 Pinfire Revolver. Its serial number was used in the American Civil War.


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