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The Pinfire Page, Issue 6 – Auxiliary Pinfire Percussion Adapters

Posted on June 7th, 2014

In this issue of my Pinfire Page[1] in the IAA Journal I took look at some variations of auxiliary pinfire percussion adapters and a few reloadable pinfire cases. These first 2 were made for specific guns that could be easily modified to accept either cartridges or the adapters. You will notice on the 15mm pistol that a special piece fits in the slots to allow it to accept cartridges. The 15mm adapters are thought to have been made by Lepage Frères. In the middle is a 12mm adapter, followed by a 9mm adapter.


cartridgesopen lf

Here are 4 variations of 12mm adapters. These have a tapered “pin” to allow them to fit in an unmodified 12mm pinfire revolver. The screw on the bottom of the three, unscrews to allow cleaning by pushing something all the way through from the pin.


These next 4 are reloadable cases. They all are set up like the picture of the inside view. It allows one to easily stick any percussion cap inside and load with powder and a bullet. All of the examples on this page would be a great accessory to have when a supply of cartridges ran out.



1.   Newcomer, Aaron. “The Pinfire Page.” International Ammunition Journal. 497 (2014): 52. Print.

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