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Московский Дроболитейный-Патронный Завод

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Commonly Known as: МДПЗ

Full Company Name: Московский Дроболитейный-Патронный Завод

Location: Москва, Russia

Additional Information:

Николаем Феттером (Nicholas Fetter), a descendent of German engineers and Егором Гинкелем (Yegor Ginkel) were merchants in the hardware and sporting goods industry. Their company was called Н.Феттер и Е.Гинкель after their own names. in 1894 they created a subsidiary called Московский Дроболитейный-Патронный Завод (Moscow Shot-and-Cartridge Plant.)

They would eventually become one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in Russia and become a supplier of the Red Army making 5,000,000 cartridges per month.



Headstamp: М [over] Д 7 П [over] З
Size Headstamp
Headstamp: М [over] Д 7 П [over] З 12mm М [over] Д 7 П [over] З