Alex L. Semple & Co.

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Full Company Name: Alex L. Semple & Co.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Additional Information:

Alex L. Semple was a dynamite manufacturer and sold powder and mining supplies. He was known to have been in business from 1896, when he succeeded Griffith & Semple, until 1906 when he was thrown from his spirited grey mare and as a result, died. His shop was at 2016 (now 1628) Third Street, Louisville, KY

Alex L. Semple & Co., of Louisville, KY pinfire shotshells



Size Headstamp
Headstamp: BRAUN & BLOEM [over] 12 [over] DUSSELDORF 12 Gauge BRAUN & BLOEM [over] 12 [over] DUSSELDORF