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13.5 x 57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire Cartridge

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Type: 13.5 x 57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire

Manufacturer: August L. Lenoir

Additional Info: This is one of the very few known examples of the incredibly scarce 13.5x57 Lenoir horizontal pinfire experimental cartridges.

August L. Lenoir took out three French patents on this system. The first was in 1849. The second was dated August 9th, 1855 on patent number 24.051 and the third was dated November 11th, 1861 on patent number 51.850.

This cartridge dates closest to the second patent. The case is made out of rolled brass foil in a green cardboard tube; both of which are somehow fastened down to the bottom of the drawn brass base shell. The pin goes from the bottom of the base all the way through the inside of the cartridge up to the base of the bullet where a pointed end rests in a primer cup.
13.5 x 57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire Cartridge
13.5 x 57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire Cartridge Base

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