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Е. Е. Торбека

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Full Company Name: Е. Е. Торбека

Location: Москва, Russia

Additional Information:

Toward the end of the 19th century, Егора Егоровича Торбека owned a cartridge manufacturing plant located in Ростокино (Rostokino,) which was an industrial suburb about 8 miles Northeast of Москва (Moscow.) The village was situated on either side of the Яузы (Yauza) river which is a tributary of the Moskva River. He was mainly known for making revolver cartridges, but is also known to have made other cartridges as well as shotshells.



Headstamp: Е. Е. [over] 7 [over] ТОРБЕКЪHeadstamp: ТОРБЕКЪ [over] 12 [over] МОСКВА
Size Headstamp
Headstamp: Е. Е. [over] 7 [over] ТОРБЕКЪ 7mm Е. Е. [over] 7 [over] ТОРБЕКЪ
Headstamp: ТОРБЕКЪ [over] 12 [over] МОСКВА 12mm ТОРБЕКЪ [over] 12 [over] МОСКВА