A. G. Genez

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Full Company Name: A. G. Genez

Location: New York, New York, United States

Additional Information:

The firm of A. G. Genez was a manufacturer of high quality double barrel shotguns. They also made conversions on guns from earlier types of detonation forms, such as pinfire or percussion, to newer formats, such as centerfire. They also loaded and sold shotshells for their manufactured or converted breech-loading shotguns. The company was established by August G. Genez in 1846 on Warren Street in New York City. In 1860 the company moved to 9 Chambers Street and operated there until November of 1880 when it was advertised as succeeded by Vincent Bissig.

Advertisement by A. G. Genez

This ad by A. G. Genez was published in 1871.



Size Headstamp
Headstamp: E.B. [over] LONDON [over] 16 16 Gauge E.B. [over] LONDON [over] 16