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24 Gauge Pinfire Cartridge

Size: 24 Gauge
Headstamp: Brevet Lefaucheux Fque Gévelot
Manufacturer: SFM - Gevelot S. A., (Societe Francaise des Munitions) - Paris, France
Additional Info: This is a very early pinfire shotshell made by Gévelot. The names on the side of the shotshell are all companies Lefaucheux chose to license his 1832 pinfire patent to. He initially chose certain gun manufacturers that could use his patent. He signed 1 in Marseillais, 4 in Saint-Etienne and 6 in Liege which all had the exact licensing terms for royalties, requiring his proofs, exclusion for selling to military, and a couple other things.

But first he signed the Parisian manufacturers. He did three sets of more strict contracts (than the later ones mentioned in the last paragraph.) Initially he chose five manufacturers on 31 May 1833; BAUCHERON, DELEBOURSE, DEBOUBERT, LAFAURE and PRELAT. Then on 8 September 1834 he revised the contract. The new contract lowered the royalties significantly, and added the other six listed on the shotshell; AUTELLET, BLANCHARD, DAWAIGNE, DELPIRE, DEVISME and PÂRIS. This is around the time the other manufacturers not in Paris began signing contracts as well.

So I believe this dates this shell to around 8 September 1834 and definitely before 31 March 1845 when the Casimir Lefaucheux's original shotshell patent expired.
picture of Gevelot S. A., (Societe Francaise des Munitions) pinfire cartridge
Picture of Gevelot S. A., (Societe Francaise des Munitions) headstamp