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9mm Pinfire Cartridge

Size: 9mm
Headstamp: HËRD'S [over] [8 point star]
Manufacturer: HËRD'S - Turkey
Additional Info: Brass Variation
Additional Info: I have placed on here both known variations of this rare headstamp. Zwecker's headstamp guide lists it as unknown, but it also does not show the diacritic E which the headstamp actually has. This significantly narrows down places of manufacture as there are only 4 languages that commonly used this letter back when this would have been made; Albanian, Ladin, Latin-script Turoyo (Syriac), and Kashubian alphabets. This is basically, Albania, A province in Northern Italy, Eastern Turkey and North-Eastern Syria, and Poland.

The second part of the headstamp narrows it down further (for me anyway.) It is an eight-point star. When finding comparisons between this star and the previous areas only one really stands out. The people who live in Eastern Turkey and North-Eastern Syria who speak Syriac are the Assyrians. The eight-pointed star in that culture is the Star of Ishtar (or Star of Venus), the Assyrian goddess of War (among other things.) This star, in modern Islamic societies is represented by a five-pointed star that is used alongside a crescent moon. There also happens to be a pinfire headstamp with that star and moon.

So I think this is a Turkish or Syrian headstamp. Any other thoughts?
picture of HËRD'S pinfire cartridge
Picture of HËRD'S headstamp