10x14 Gaupillat Cartridge

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Type: 10x14 Gaupillat

Manufacturer: Manufacturier des Bruyères de Sèvres et du Bas Meudon

Additional Info: This is the is the so-called "10mm Gaupillat" wich is in fact a variation of the 9mm Devisme. There are only about 25 examples of this cartridge known. Boxes that this cartridge came in were marked "Nombre 25 Cartouches pour Revolvers à percussion centrale calibre 10 m/m de Gaupillat & Cie Brevtes S.G.D.G. Dépôt 50, Rúe Rainbuteau". This variation is called "Model 1870" because it was fabricated according to French Patent No. 90.713 granted to Gaupillat & Cie and dated July 20, 1870. All of the examples I have seen have the little raised dash on the base.
10x14 Gaupillat Cartridge
10x14 Gaupillat Cartridge Base

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