Variations on the 2mm Pinfire Cartridge

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Here is the most comprehensive collection I believe exists of variations on the 2mm pinfire cartridge. A lot of people I talk to do not even know that there is more than one variation; especially those with who collect the 2mm pinfire guns.

Descriptions of each picture are immediately under the picture.

Every picture can be clicked to see a VERY high resolution version. (Caution if on a slow, or bandwidth limited connection as the larger versions are between 400KBs and 7.5MBs each.)

 2mm Xythos pinfire blank by ADK

This is the 2mm Xythos pinfire blank. It is made by ADK (Andres & Dworsky of Karlstein, Austria.) This is the newer style cartridge and to my knowledge, ADK is the only company still producing pinfires. It has a rounded base and is made specifically for the Berloque Xythos pinfire revolvers. These guns often have a 9mm flare shooter that attaches to the end of the barrel. They are sold as novelties and for hikers to be able to carry a very small flare launcher. They have a yellow wad near the top of the case. They have more gun powder than most of the other blanks to ensure the flare ignites if the flare attachment is on. They also seem to have a louder report from they few others I have tried.

German 2mm Pinfire Cartridge

These are similar to the Xythos blanks but do not have quite as dramatically rounded base. These samples are probably hand loaded and not factory loaded with a cylindrical piece of lead (kind of like a wadcutter.) Made in Germany.

2mm Pinfire Blank

these have a slightly rounded base, but not so round where they will not stand up like the last two. They have a very shiny silvery wad halfway down the case.

2mm Pinfire Blank Cartridge

These have a tan wad 3/4 of the way up the case. These all have a very noticeably different base that protrudes slightly to a point as if they were lathe turned.

2mm pinfire
2mm pinfire cartridge
2mm pin-fire
2mm pin fire
2mm pin fire
2mm pin-fire
2mm Pinfire Dummy

I believe these are factory dummies, but they could just be mistakes.

2mm pinfire shot cartridge
live 2mm pinfires

These are allĀ homemadeĀ ball cartridges with #9 shot shoved in a blank cartridge. Notice that the ball is either slightly too big and hangs over the rim of the cartridge, or pushes the cartridge case outward when shoved in. The previous picture is a homemade shot cartridge.

Authentic Live 2mm Pinfire by SFM

This is the only variety of a genuine factory loaded 2mm cartridge that I think exists. (I would LOVE to be proved wrong on this though as I would like more official live variations) Below are its specifications from an SFM(Societe Francaise des Munitions) Factory Drawing dated September 1900. It shows their specifications for their cartridge for the antique "Pistolet-Mouche" revolver. Notice too that the diameter of the cartridge is slightly smaller at 1.9mm than most 2mm cartridges which are normally right over 2mm in diameter. Also, notice that the ball is 1.7mm. The #9 shot shoved into blank cartridges that most people find and think is a live cartridge is 2.03mm.

SFM drawing of 2mm pinfire

Internal SFM factory drawing discussed under previous picture.

2mm pinfire capsules

Variations of some capsules the 2mm pinfire cartridges came in.

2mm pinfire boxes

Variations of some boxes the 2mm pinfire cartridges came in.

2mm pinfire Xythos box

Box the 2mm Xythos pinfire cartridges by ADK come in.

Box for the Little Atom cartridge