Pinfire Shotshells loaded by American Companies

Posted on October 18th, 2012

If you have ever looked around my site or read any my articles you have most likely noticed that I have a strong focus on the role pinfire cartridges played in the United States of America. Today I added some pinfire shotshells that were manufactured or loaded by US companies. First of all is C. D. Leet of Springfield, Massachusetts. They are the only company known to have manufactured pinfire shotshells in the United States. They made them in both 10 and 12 gauge, I have placed 2 variations of the 10 gauge version online. Next is Von Lengerke & Detmold of New York City, New York. They had Kynoch custom make a headstamp and cartridge for them and then and loaded the shells here. I have placed a loaded and new-primed empty 16 gauge variation online. Lastly I added a rare specimen by Alex L. Semple & Co. of Louisville, Kentucky. He was only in business for 10 years. In the next couple weeks I plan to add one loaded by UMC.

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